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Nova Innovation is passionate about transforming the power of our seas and oceans into clean, predictable energy. 


We are delighted to create the Nova Tidal Array and play a part in the global solution to tackle the climate crisis.

Our tidal technology has zero visual impact as the underwater turbines rest on the seabed and are hidden from view. The turbines work in harmony with marine wildlife and there are no dams or barriers involved. Ships and sailing boats can pass overhead unaffected as the turbines do not pose navigational issues, and they are unaffected by storms.

Tidal energy is naturally sourced and it is unique as it is predictable to the minute - days, months, and years in advance, making it reliable and dependable.

The 1.5 MW Nova Tidal Array in Petit Passage, Nova Scotia will create a local source of tidal energy from 15 turbines located on the seabed. The first turbine will be installed in 2021. 




Under construction

Petit Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada

1.5 MW

Number of turbines

First power

15 (developed in 3 phases)



Tidal turbines will be located on the seabed in Petit Passage, a channel of water between Long Island and the Digby Peninsular in Nova Scotia, Canada. ​

Petit Passage is located on the southern side of the entrance to the Bay of Fundy, the world’s largest tidal resource. More water flows through the Bay of Fundy every day than all the world’s fresh water rivers combined.


Our partners include the organisations below and the local community around Petit Passage.  ​