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Nova Innovation is developing a 1.5 MW tidal energy array in Petit Passage: The Nova Tidal Array. The tidal array will be located within the Petit Passage Marine Renewable Energy Area and it will be developed in three 0.5 MW phases.


Turbines will be deployed gradually within each phase so that environmental effects can be carefully monitored. The first 0.5 MW will be further split into two phases to enable deployment and environmental monitoring of a single turbine first (Phase 1a), before the next four turbines are added to the array (Phase 1b). Nova used this carefully managed, phased approach at the world’s first tidal turbine array in Shetland, Scotland. It has helped to demonstrate the reliability and performance of our turbines and build confidence in tidal energy.


Key project stages and frequently asked questions about the project feature below. The FAQs are based on feedback received during public meetings in Sandy Cove, Tiverton, and Freeport in October 2019, and feedback from other stakeholders throughout our ongoing engagement.




Under construction

Petit Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada

1500 kW

Key Project Stages

Key Project Stages.png


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