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Nova receives DFO authorization

Nova Innovation has received authorization under the Fisheries Act from Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) to install five 100kW in-stream tidal turbines in Petit Passage in Digby Neck.

The authorization from DFO allows Nova to operate the five turbines in Petit Passage in two phases – Phase 1a and Phase 1b. To begin with, a single turbine will be installed (Phase 1a). The environmental effect of the turbine will be closely monitored using an environmental effects monitoring plan approved by DFO.

Before installation of any additional turbines (Phase 1b), Nova will consider the results of the environmental monitoring of the first turbine (Phase 1a) and provide an updated environmental effects monitoring plan to DFO for review and approval. Phased installation of turbines with environmental monitoring has been used successfully at Nova’s Shetland Tidal Array in Scotland, where there have been no adverse environmental effects.

Further information on the authorization is available here on the Government of Canada’s website and the authorization itself is available to download below.

Download PDF • 2.01MB


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